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Dam Square is one of the oldest weed clubs in Barcelona

Dam Square is one of the oldest weed clubs in Barcelona and in Born.

It is located very close to Music Palace of Barcelona that is famous point of interest.

You need to apply for visit in advance. All information is private.

The imposing wooden doors that welcome visitors to Dam Square create a captivating ambiance for this Barcelona cannabis club. Tucked away in the vibrant streets of El Born, just a stone’s throw from the historic Gothic Quarter, this establishment has firmly established itself as a haven for cannabis enthusiasts in BCN. Adorned with an impressive Gothic-style coat of arms, these doors extend a warm invitation to members as they step inside this cozy haven. While the cannabis club has been a fixture for several years, it underwent a revitalization in 2016, solidifying its reputation as a dependable social hub for weed connoisseurs in the heart of Barcelona’s culturally rich district.

One of Dam Square’s standout features is its ever-evolving menu, boasting a diverse selection of over 30 strains to keep things exciting. The club takes pride in the exceptional quality of its cannabis offerings, offering a range of intriguing hybrid strains alongside beloved classics. Whether you’re an adventurous explorer of strains or simply seeking your favorite, Dam Square is your go-to destination. Furthermore, their impressive assortment of waxes and oils, sourced from top-notch suppliers, caters to those who prefer BHO or hash.

Beyond being a haven for cannabis enthusiasts, Dam Square is also a hub for music aficionados. The club regularly hosts music nights that span a wide spectrum, from reggae beats to house rhythms. With frequent guest performers, it’s advisable to stay updated through their social media channels to catch the latest acts lined up for the month ahead. For a different kind of entertainment, the club features a PS4, making it the perfect setting to relax, smoke, and engage in gaming sessions with friends. As is customary in many cannabis clubs, securing a spot at the console can be competitive, so patience is key. Grab a cold beer, light up, and keep a watchful eye for an opening in the gameplay.

Located conveniently near the Urquinaona station, Dam Square is easily accessible from most areas within Ciutat Vella. This Barcelona coffeeshop serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the culturally rich surroundings. The local area teems with museums, picturesque sights, diverse dining experiences, and talented street performers. As always, it’s essential to respect the club’s policies and unspoken rules while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.